I am a fan of the 1970's version of the Tomorrow People television series. Despite people criticizing the acting, I saw through many of the series flaws and really resonated with some of the ideas in it. In many ways, if some of the ideas had been developed a good bit further, I think someone could have made a blockbuster movie. I was further inspired by the book "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card. I became so inspired, that I wrote a four part serial novel. This novel is not fan fiction of the original series but a completely separate story line. The story has some of the same flavors and themes of the series but is completely distinctive. So if you read it expecting to be another episode of the Tomorrow people, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for a book series with some of the same feel and similar gadgets, then my serial is for you. The serial I have written blends fantasy and science fiction adding a much greater dimension to the story. If this description has made you curious, then I suggest you click the link and visit The Children of Sophista Book Series.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Character Ty Actually Created Himself

I wanted to write an article describing how Ty came about. In that article, I would tell you how I watched this or read that and then added great stuff to create a wonderful character. Sorry, I can't. Ty created himself, literally. When I write, I am watching the novel in my head, like a TV show. It runs like a simulation. It's similar to that video game, Sim City, where you place people, plants, houses, necessary parts of a city, etc., and then you let the simulation run and see who has children and who dies a horrible death, who starves, you get the picture. The simulation of the book takes on a life of it's own. I'm along for the ride. I literally don't know where things are going to end up any more than the reader.

So as my volunteer editor was reading along the early stream of the novel, she told me, "Wow, you have a plot hole here. What happened to this guy?" "Uh, I don't know.."

So I bent the simulation. I forceably changed it's course. When you change the simulation's course and force it to go where it wasn't going, then you get what I call "an artifact". An artifact is a character that is created because without the character, the logical consistency and integrity of the novel is threatened. So when I changed the course of the simulation, out popped Ty. Who's this guy? Oh well, let it ride. I'll just let things unfold.

One of the early drafts of the novel was read by a gifted kid who was finishing up 6th grade at the time. As he reviewed part of there story, he told me, "Wow, Ty is cool. He is this smart philosophical character yet I wonder if he will 'turn to the dark side with some hidden powers'."

Hmm, really? I didn't write any of that. But now that you mention it... I restarted the simulation and put in the changed the setup. Pretty dangerous stuff because you could end up with a totally different story. So I removed the constraints on Ty and specified that Ty could bend the story however he wanted to. And what happened was amazing. The fairies literally constructed Ty. He became a major character in the initial and final novel installments. The character that was born right before my eyes: a kid born with telepathy and other talents but who does not understand what he is. Neither does his dad though his dad gives him lots of love and support. Ty becomes the very symbol of innocence, love, and power -- the power most of all to alter people's minds. If you didn't love before Ty met you, you will afterward. And if you are a creator of hate and disharmony, the shocking, dark side of Ty might do unspeakable things to you.

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